The heart of Hungary

Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary is well-known for monuments reflecting its 1000-year-old culture or its museums, galleries, churches and palaces, baths and pools.

The two sides of the city, Buda and Pest are representative of its two different characters; romantic streets, big family houses, caves, Roman ruins and the historic Castle District can be found in suburban Buda. The dynamic Pest side offers the famous ruin pubs, flea markets, antique bookstores and pleasant café houses alongside the largest Parliament building in Europe.

After a whole day of exhausting but wonderful sightseeing, Budapest has many possibilities if you still have energy for bar hopping, clubbing and dancing: there is a large variety of nightclubs, bars and pubs; fans of adventures will all find something to explore in this vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Imagine the mixture of open air space, a pub with cheap beverages and street art — ruin pubs are those unique retro places that attract youth from all over the world.

Socials play a key part in our conference: MUNAPEST — organised by university students — offers delegates a great  variety of amazing programmes extremely popular on the European and World stage. Every evening a different, unforgettable social event will be held in order to connect participants in an informal way while they enjoy the night in our marvelous city of Budapest. 


We have established amazing partnerships with several exceptional hostels of Budapest. For further info and discount please see this guidebook.

Social Events during MUNAPEST