Challenging debates

Committees at MUNAPEST focus on having the best debates possible, never sacrificing this principle for the sake of final documents or otherwise.

200 delegates

Simulating 9 Committees, MUNAPEST aims to be a midsize MUN where Delegates meet not only peers from their own Committee, but interact with participants from all over the Conference.

One Goal

In the system of Interconnectivity, decisions made in one Committee affect the work of all others. The time has come for Delegations to work together towards a single and coherent policy, competing or cooperating with other States to achieve their aims.

General Assembly

All Delegates of MUNAPEST. One General Assembly. The Assembly’s own Topic is where the work done in all Committees will lead. Delegations must work as a unit in an environment that takes the challenge to the next level!

MUNs done different

Pioneered at WebMUN, taken even further at MUNAPEST — Interconnectivity, the new system that brings MUNs closer to reality than ever before. If you think you’ve been in the shoes of a true decision-maker reshaping the world  before, get ready to think again!




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Experience the Social Capital of Europe

The city of Budapest has become the top destination of young people looking for adventures out of the ordinary. Spectacular attractions, friendly people and the new standard of European nightlife make this city truly special. How better to experience the vibrant life of Budapest than at a Conference filled with exciting young people and Social Events that take advantage of everything that makes this city great? Socials at most MUNs are great — at MUNAPEST, they’re legendary. Are YOU ready for what Budapest has to offer?

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Last Year's Conference

In April 2015, MUNAPEST presented six Committees focusing on the issues of nuclear proliferation and migration, within the system of Interconnectivity and concluded at the General Assembly. While it was our first attempt at testing many ideas, we were amazed at how Delegates explored the opportunities presented by our system — the quality of Resolutions and Treaties drafted by Delegates being the proof. However, nothing says it all like testimonies from the Delegates, for whom MUNAPEST was organised:

What to expect

Building on the success of last year, organising the next session of MUNAPEST starts by building on the ideas implemented in 2015, based on feedback gathered from our Organising Team, Chairs and of course the Delegates. Besides implementing the ideas of Participants, we will host 9 interconnected Committees that all work towards a common objective. Topics will be announced later this year so as to ensure they reflect the most pressing issues of world affairs.


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