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“south” Korea not willing to reduce military spending

During today’s debate in DISEC, the delegate of south Korea brought up an entirely ridiculous and unfounded excuse for their high military spending. The delegate tried to justify her regime’s actions with the claim that they need to spend that much on their...

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[CRISIS] Saudi Arabia and Russia signs a long-term oil production deal

Saudi Arabia and Russia, the world’s two leading oil exporters signed an agreement today in which they agreed to cooperate in order to ‘stabilize oil prices’ and make the oil market ‘less volatile’, which is ‘of mutual interest’, as they announced in their...

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OIC has sights on Yemeni conflict


The Yemeni delegate stressed to quell dissention within the OIC. While Pakistan stated their perception by the West was a point of contention and hoped OIC validation would offset the country’s reputation...

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Quatar questioned on military spending

The United Nations 1st Main Committee have begun talks on the possible reduction of military budgets. The Delegate of Quatar spoke favourably and confidently about the need to reduce military budgets across the board.

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USA speaking openly of their own hypocrisy

The United Nations Security Council started its debate over nuclear non-proliferation in Asia, naturally without representation from...

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The DPRK is boycotting MUNAPEST

The Supreme Leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un has decided, that as a response to the...

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