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US puppets acting against their own interests in ECOSOC

15:28 6th April

The delegates of Japan, Quatar and UAE proposed that countries use nuclear energy instead of fossil fuels. While the proposal is very much in accordance with juche, the path outlined by Kim Jong Il, the Great General, it is thoroughly against...

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Opinion - Denial of Chinese military build-up suspicious

15:27 6th April

There are claims of a multilateral military buildup against Vietnam by its bordering neighbors. 

Sources who wished to claim anonymity speak of troop mobilization headed toward Vietnam.

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Laos-Cambodia-PRC Cooperation Treaty

15:18 6th April





Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Kingdom of Cambodia and the People’s Republic of China

The aforementioned states, in complete agreement, and in accordance with International Law and the Charter of the United Nations, declare that:

The People’s Republic of China shall...

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OIC prefers imperialism to human rights

15:10 6th April

Kuwait continues ahead with its plan to relocate the Rohingya people to the island of Bubiyan. A representative of the Rohingya appeared before the OIC to voice its concerns about the proposal. The representative stated rather than being relocated, they would...

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Rohingya cold on Kuwaiti offer of autonomous land

15:08 6th April

The OIC invited a representative from the Rohingya to provide feedback on a Kuwaiti-drafted proposal to relocate the Rohingya to Bubiyan Island in Kuwait. However, the plan to repatriate the island is not what the Rohingya seek. The Rohingya claimed...

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Rohingya Speaker addresses the OIC

15:08 6th April

A speaker representing the Rohingya people has been invited to the OIC committee where he gave an impassioned speech on why the Rohingya people are against the Kuwait Accord. In his speech, the representative emotionally stated “If the OIC...

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